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Martin Mkandawire, D.Sc., Ph.D. - Industrial Research Chair in Mine Water Management

Dr. Martin Mkandawire joined the Verschuren Centre as Industrial Research Chair of Mine Water Management in October 2012.  The Mine Water Chair position was created in partnership with Enterprise Cape Breton Corporation to gather and develop best practices on all aspects of mine water management. Dr. Mkandawire's program examines options around the natural, passive discharge of flooded mine water – offering the potential to greatly reduce future management costs in Cape Breton and other mining sites around the world. This area has the additional commercial potential to use the mine water as a geothermal renewable energy source. The core focus of mine water research is to manage mine pools at former mine sites by cost-effectively mitigating environmental damage. The Centre's mine water management and environmental remediation chairs collaborate on several projects.

Martin holds a DSc in biogeochemistry, as well as a PhD in Environmental Engineering/Chemistry, from the University of Dresden, Germany. He received a Master of Science (specialising in radioecology) from Technische Universität Dresden (Grade: Distinction - grade 1.0), a Postgraduate Diploma in Environmental Management, Technical University of Dresden, and a B.Sc. (majoring in chemistry with minor in biology and mathematics) from the University of Malawi.

Office:  CS201
Phone:  902-563-1430

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