SSR Landing Page Sept 2017How can former industrial sites be effectively, successfully
and permanently restored?

We have the answers – we’ve been there!
Join us – Share our experiences – Learn from Guest Experts
who were intimately involved in remediation successes.

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Former Industrial Sites = Sustainable Future Use

Background:  Cape Breton Alchemy Video

SSR Program     *   SSR Guest Experts     *.    Cape Breton’s Industrial History

* Engineers Nova Scotia approved this course as counting toward PD requirements. *
* Awaiting confirmation for 3-credit CBU course approval.  *

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You will learn about –

  • Legal and institutional framework at local, provincial and federal government levels.
  • Securing social license and instilling ownership in communities for program execution
  • Designing and implementing abandoned industrial site clean-up projects
  • Abandoned mine site remediation and management
  • Environmental restoration

Site tours include former Sydney Steel Corp. and tar ponds site, former Cape Breton Development Corporation (Devco) mine and processing sites, as well as the current Boat Harbour (Pictou Landing) remediation project.


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