The Verschuren Centre at Cape Breton University was established in 2009 and built on the legacy of our community’s former industrial activity and the associated environmental remedation. Benefitting our community continues to be the basis of our work at the Centre – addressing legacy issues, fostering relationships, and exploring novel approaches to environmental challenges and opportunities.

The Centre is a research, develoment and demonstration area for clean technology solutions delivered to industry and our communities.  Our state-of-the-art laboratories include piloting equipment and house over 30 key research personnel.  Our approach to exploring sustainability issues has already met with success through managing the Verschuren Centre’s energy requirements.  The Centre’s building achieves outstanding reductions in emissions and energy consumption and it also contributes to a campus that is working to provide 100 per cent of its own power through biomass, geothermal, and wind energy.  Learn more about the CBU Campus energy initiatives.

Verschuren Centre Themes
(Guided by environmentally sustainable development)

Agri-Marine IndustriesWillow July 2013

Bioconversion of food processing waste into plant, animal, and human functional ingredients.

  • Protien meal for animal feeds
  • Plant products for crop and food production
  • Functional ingredients for human food and health
  • Value-added opporutnies for industries

Clean Energy

Renewable, clean energy from local resources provides a natural advantage

  • Wind farm energy storage for peak demand
  • Geothermal energy from mine water
  • Pumped hydro while achieving water remediation
  • Solar energy for battery energy storage

Aquatics Industry Cluster

Environmentally responsible land-based production systems

  • Closed loop land-based aquaculture production
  • Geothermal greenhouse aquaponics production using environmental controls and bioactives
  • Oyster health promotion through environmentally controlled nursery
  • Partnerships with aboriginal groups researching oyster pathogen resistance

Nanotechnology Applications 

Wastewater treatement, drug delivery, antimicrobials, and medical devices

  • Functionalizing nanoparticle emulsions for therapeutics and antibody therapy
  • Biodegradable photothermal calcium carbonate platform for advancing biomedical applications
  • Using green chemistry alternatives to combat biofouling of ship hulls


The Centre also has a business development unit to delivery environmentally sustainable and clean tech solutions to companies and organizations in interntional markets – Institute for Sustanability Trainining and Industrial Modernization (ISTIM).  Learn more about ISTIM here.