The Verschuren Centre’s approach to clean tech research is simple: focus great minds on immediate challenges.  Combining both academic and industry expertise, the Centre examines local energy and environmental challenges that also have global resonance.

That expertise has already met with success:  Managing the Verschuren Centre’s energy requirements.  The Centre’s building achieves outstanding reductions in emissions and energy consumption and it also contributes to a campus that is working to provide 100 per cent of its own power through biomass, geothermal, and wind energy.

Clean Tech Teams

Mine Water Mgmt


Mine Management Technology

Minimal maintenance, geothermal re-purposing and nanotechnology-based water purification systems.



Env Remediation

Environmental Remediation

Managed site monitoring and assessment using in vivo bio-sensors, and advanced water pollutant remediation technologies.



ApplieNanod Nanotechnology

Advanced material science and engineering for applications in energy, health, and environmental remediation.



Renewable EnergyRenewable Energy

Renewable energy innovation integration and enablement for carbon neutral facilities, institutions, and communities.




Value added processing of bio-residues for energy, food, and chemical manufacturing.


Green Mining

Green Mining

Environmental benign technologies for targeted mineral mining from low-grade ores and wastes.



Business development unit to deliver environmentally sustainable and clean tech solutions to companies/organizations in international markets.