Aishwarya Mohan – Research Assistant Bioproducts

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    Alison Wilson, P.Eng. – Green Mining Technology Researcher

    Alison works with the Centre's Green Mining Technologies Research Program in association with Yava Technologies Inc.

    Alison received her Engineering Diploma from Cape Breton University and a Bachelor of Engineering - Chemical Engineering from Technical University of Nova Scotia.

    Office: CS225
    Phone: 902-563-1184

    CV Alison Wilson

      Freeze Drier

      Andrew Crowell, M.Sc. – Bio-products Researcher

      Andrew is part of the Bio-products team under Dr. Beth Mason.  He is involved in all aspects of the bio-products program, ensuring the many projects and labs run smoothly.  Andrew previously worked in the CBU Chemistry Department.

      Office:  CS225

      CV AndrewCrowell


        Andrew K. Swanson, Ph.D. – Chief Executive Officer

        Chief Executive Officer

        Andrew is responsible for securing industry support and sponsorship for the Centre’s renewable energy research programs and liaising with industry sponsors and other CBU entities to ensure the programs are developed and meet expectations. Andrew will also have responsibility for program direction at the Verschuren Centre.

        He has extensive experience developing and deploying clean energy and sustainability innovations. Andrew was Vice-President (Research and Development) at Phycal Inc., an integrated advanced bio-fuels company, where he led R&D programs in carbon sequestration, bio-fuels, sustainable feeds and wastewater recycling.

        Dr. Swanson obtained his M.Sc. in Plant and Environmental Science from the University of Western Ontario, and a Ph.D. in Biological Sciences from Simon Fraser University in British Columbia. In addition to private industry and government expertise, he has extensive international work experience, including projects in Israel, India, South Korea, Guyana, Brazil and USA.

        Office: CS113
        Phone: (902) 563-1182

        CV Andrew Swanson


        Beth Mason – Industrial Research Fellow in Bio-products

        Dr. Mason's focus in bio-products involves evaluation of locally available by-product resources to identify processes and transformations to add value and extract higher value components for industrial commercialization with the aim of improving economic sustainability of local industry.  Dr. Mason brings experience from industry, private business and government in the areas of feed, food, and bio-energy platforms.  A particular focus has been on valorization of food industry by-products through recycling into feed, fertilizer, bio-energy, and bio-fuel.

        Dr. Mason received a Masters and Ph.D. from the University of Alberta in the areas of animal nutrition and physiology, and simulation modelling.

        Office:  CS205
        Phone:  902-563-1285
        Cell:  604-302-1394


          Bruce Hatcher

          Bruce Gordon Hatcher, B.Sc, M.Sc., Ph.D. – University Chair in Marine Ecosystem Research, and Director of the Bras d’Or Institute

          Bruce is an ecologist who explores the Island’s marine and estuarine ecosystems and applies the resulting knowledge and skills to ecosystem-based management in the Bras d’Or Biosphere, Sydney Harbour and the Atlantic coastal zone. Educated as a benthic ecologist and oceanographer in Australia, Canada and the United States, he has 32 years post-doctoral experience in marine science and as a leader of a wide variety of grant and contract-funded research and development projects world wide. His primary expertise lies in the application of ecological theory, empirical analyses and quantitative methods to the better understanding and prediction of marine ecosystem function. He uses synoptic ecological tools (remote sensing, numerical modeling & GIS) for the analysis of ecological connectivity and management decision support in coastal ecosystems.

          Bruce builds capacity for research and development in universities and the public and private sectors.  He has trained 80 graduate students at 5 Universities in 4 countries, and continues to help young scholars and practitioners make an impact. He has published more than 86 peer-reviewed scientific papers and prepared in excess of 72 technical reports. No “arm-chair ecologist,” Bruce has worked in 25 countries and six seas, logging more than 800 days at sea and 2,000 hours working underwater.

          Office: A138
          Phone: 902-563-1988

          CV Bruce Hatcher

            Chris Power, Ph.D, Research Geoscientist – Mine Water Management

              Collins Ngano, Ph.D., Post Doctoral Fellow – Applied Nanotechnology

                Debi Walker – Executive Assistant

                Executive Assistant

                Debi manages the Centre's administrative requirements, which includes monitoring work processes and coordinating assignments and events.  She is also responsible for communications and human resource administration within the Centre.  Debi regularly liaises with staff, community, government and industry regarding VC projects and programs and manages the VC Advisory Board requirements.  She supports the advancement of the Centre through participating in both internal and external functions and serving on various committees.

                Office: CS115
                Phone: (902) 563-1292

                Debi Walker CV 2014


                  Dennis Curry, Research Assistant – Applied Nanotechnology


                    Edward Cross, Research Scientist

                    Edward works with the Centre's Green Mining Technologies Research Program in association with Yava Technologies Inc.

                    Edward received his Bachelor of Science (Honours) – Chemistry from Cape Breton University focusing on the synthesis of novel catalysts for chemical transformations. He earned his Master of Science in Micro- & Macro- molecular Sciences (Chemistry) from University of Prince Edward Island where he studied the development of biodegradable plastics. After completing his MSc, Edward returned to CBU to conduct research within the Department of Chemistry while collaborating with local industry before beginning his position at the VSCEE.

                    Office: CS225
                    Phone: 902-563-1184

                    CV Edward Cross


                      Elizabeth MacCormick, Research Assistant – Bioproducts

                      Elizabeth joined the Verschuren Centre team in 2016, working with Dr. Beth Mason's Bioproducts group.  She is currently working on marine and farm organic projects.

                      Office:  CS225

                      CV Elizabeth MacCormick