During the past several years, the Verschuren Centre joined with various Cape Breton entities in responding to the environmental legacy left behind by large-scale coal mining and steel production.  The area, once home to the Sydney Tar Ponds, a steel mill, and 14 former mining sites (including 3,200 kilometres of underground mine tunnels), required dedicated personnel to research and initiate collaborative approaches to sustainably remediate and manage the integrity of these sites.

Over  $500 million was committed to complete this work, enabling Cape Breton to develop world-class expertise in environmental remediation and site management.

The Cape Breton region is also energy rich,  The Island boasts some of the fastest average wind speeds in Canada.  There is tidal power potential in the Bras D’Or Lakes and the Island is the Nova Scotia entry point for the planned Lower Churchill underwater power connection (Martime Link), facilitating future electricity exports to the Maritimes and the U.S.

Verschuren Centre Focus

The Verschuren Centre plays a key  role in developing and delivering sustainable technology solutions in the energy sector, as well as in areas of bioproducts, nanotechnology, and resource management.  The VC team works closely with partners in business, industry, government, and communities to contribute to the industrial, social, and economic sustainability and renaissance of Cape Breton Island.

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