Dr. Xu Zhang Receives BHCRI New Investigator Award

October 22, 2015 – The VC is pleased to announce that Dr. Xu Zhang (Shine) is a recipient of the Beatrice Hunter Cancer Research Institute’s 2015 New Investigator Award.  His research project is titled, “ANO-MIMIC OF OCTOPUS: MULTIPLEXED DNA APTAMER-FUNCTIONALIZED NANOPARTICLE PLATFORM FOR HIGH EFFICIENT ISOLATION OF CIRCULATING TUMOR CELLS.”

The Verschuren Centre’s Dr. Martin Mkandawire is co-applicant and Dr. Ken Oakes is a collaborator.  A second collaborator, Dr. Craig Bennett, Professor in Physics and Director of Acadia Centre for Microstructured Analysis, Acadia University, is also working on the project.

Congratulations, Shine, Martin and Ken.

Additional information re this award and other important work associated with BHCRI is available here.

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